Adrenal Stress Profile

Saliva:  This is a matrix of tests designed to evaluate adrenal hormone status.  Because symptoms associated with adrenal dysfunction overlap with those found in other areas of health, and because adrenal function correlates directly with many important body systems, addressing adrenal insufficiency is critical.


Blood Chemistry Analysis

Blood testing, primarily serum testing is a valuable tool in determining heart health, thyroid health, immune status, inflammation, blood sugar management, food allergies and sensitivities, iron status, blood health and nutrient absorption.  At Forte Wellness, we  provide a comprehensive functional analysis of standard blood chemistry panels.  Our goal is to assess for any nutritional imbalances so that we can personalize your nutritional program to move you towards optimal health.


Organic Acids
Organic acid testing measures whether your body is getting and using nutrients to support your optimum health.  The organic acids shift and change according to your nutrient and intestinal health status.  The test can give insights into the causes of functional imbalances that need
to be addressed to restore full health.

Nutrient and Toxic Elements

This urine test determines the levels of heavy metals and minerals present in the body tissue.

Comprehensive Wellness Profile

This full blood chemistry panel includes a cholesterol screen, fasting glucose, iron studies, mineral, immune system markers, thyroid panel
full liver and kidney screen.  It can determine biochemical imbalances and help to monitor the success of nutrition and lifestyle program.

Food Sensitivities Test

These specialized blood tests identify delayed food reactions that are hard to determine through conventional allergy testing.  Food sensitivities can cause a multitude of symptoms not usually recognized as being caused by food reactions such as depression, anxiety, ADD, skin eruptions
and rashes, headaches, sinus issues, unresolved digestive issues, joint pain, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions.