I was living with chronic pain for thirty years. Within two weeks of meeting Dr. Perez my pain was significantly less. After several more sessions, the pain is almost gone!      – Teresa, Practice Member

Over the past forty years, I have sought relief for recurring back pain from a number of different doctors. Without exception, Dr. Perez has delivered the highest levels of health care – and his approach is far and away the most effective I have ever seen!  -Greg, Practice Member

Dr. Perez combines a variety of modalities to offer the BEST treatment for each patient. He has improved my health more in five months than I would have thought possible. I am constantly impressed about how great it feels to be truly healthy! I can move more freely. Long term aches and pains have gone away, and I am so much happier because I feel so much better! Thank you!   –Susan M, Happy Patient

Dr Perez is very kind and gentle with my 18 year old son who has been diagnosed severely autistic. He is generous and understanding of my son’s needs. He tries many different methods with my son. Dr. Perez is helping my son learn to be calm by teaching him relaxation techniques. My son is now sleeping through the night. His eye contact is improving. After only a few months, my son is becoming more vocal and happy!  –Teresa, Mother of an autistic son

Over the past 10 years I have been dealing with back pain due to extreme sports. I have been seeing Dr. Perez for the past couple months and the pain has subsided. I no longer have back pain due to treatment and exercises he taught me. Thank you!   –Anthony, Customer

My son is autistic and I have seen tremendous changes in my son. Dr. Perez has helped improved his communication skills, social behavior skills and academic skills. My son has less anxiety and his posture and coordination has improved.   –J.K., Satisfied Mom

Before I started appointments with Dr. Perez I experienced constant neck and back pain. I often felt weak and tired. I have noticed a great improvement in my posture and range of movement. My neck and back pain are gone and I have a lot more energy.  –Genevieve, Satisfied Patient

My autistic son changed tremendously since seeing Dr. Perez. His math and reading skills have improved. He is more aware of himself and others. He has less anxiety. His immune system has improved. His coordination has also improved. He is more relaxed.   –Gabriela, Practice Member

My son is autistic and Dr. Perez has helped him in so many ways. He no longer has respiratory problems. His allergies have cleared. He is able to function more independently. His school work has improved. His social behavior has improved.   –Mimi, Practice Member

From my first session with Dr. Perez, I left his office walking taller. I felt a purer totality of movement. I could see better, hear better! I’m now breathing fuller, and my digestive system has improved and living a much more rewarding life!   –A. W., Practice Member

I had a frozen shoulder and no one could help me, until I met Dr. Perez. The improvement under Dr. Perez was immediate. After the first session,
I knew I was on the way to recovery.   –
Manbing, Practice Member